Skating Camps 2018

Spring Break and Summer 2018 NOW ENROLLING!

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INTERMEDIATE/HIGH: Jump/Spin Conditioning with Olga Neizvestnaya – Strength training and advanced and basic jumps and spins development. Students must have sneakers.

LOW: Off Ice with Roman Skornyakov – Roman teaches a varying class – examples include Jump Class, Stretch, and Conditioning. Come prepared for anything! Sneakers, jump rope, and water required


LOW/INTERMEDIATE: Stretch with Megan Noss – This skating-specific class incorporates a combination of balance and stretch components, as well as strength in order to stretch the skater’s muscles and use them in the same way they are used on the ice. From the skater’s head to their toes, they learn how to properly stretch before and after skating.



INTERMEDIATE/HIGH: Sport-Conditioning with Margie Weiss – Off Ice conditioning includes functional strength, flexibility and cardio drills that help skaters with their on-ice skills.  Prevention of overuse injuries and identification of liabilities are additional benefits for the “fit” athlete.  Taught by Margie Weiss, who has trained 2 generations of Olympic athletes, this class helps all levels of athletes, all sports.

LOW: Stretch and Conditioning with Megan Noss – Megan’s off-ice class offers a variety of exercises and drills to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular endurance of skaters both on and off the ice while helping to prevent injury. This class is also focused on core strengthening using balance and medicine balls, and incorporating Pilates based exercises. This off-ice training can enhance skating skills and help skaters handle the strength demands of jumping, spinning, and doing longer programs.


LOW/INTERMEDIATE: Sport-Conditioning with Margie Weiss – Please see above description.



INTERMEDIATE/HIGH: Strength, Conditioning, Ballet with Tatyana Malinina – This class combines the grace of Ballet with the strength and conditioning training of a cardio work out. Students should come prepared with Ballet shows or socks and sneakers.

LOW: Jump Class with Ross Lansel – Improve jump height and rotation in this off ice class. Ross will focus on in air position, take off, and landing technique to improve overall jump ability. Light cardio and conditioning with a concentration on muscles utilized for jumping will be incorporated.


ALL LEVELS: Fitness Fun with Dori Markakos – The class will consist of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), boot camp, Pilates, and partner exercises using a variety of props or sometimes even just your body weight.



INTERMEDIATE/HIGH: Stretch and Conditioning with Megan Noss – Please see above description.

LOW: Sport-Conditioning with Margie Weiss – Please see above description.


LOW/INTERMEDIATE: Exploring the Program Compenent Score with Cherie Farrington – Beyond technical elements, skaters should develop skills in 5 component score area (1) Skating Skills: edge control and flow (2) Transitions: the use of a variety of turns and steps; interesting entrances/exits of jumps and spins (3) Performance: the skater’s carriage and projection (4) Composition: the program’s ice coverage, the skater’s movement phrasing matched to musical phrasing (5) Interpretation: the personal and creative translation of movement to music – on the ice.



INTERMEDIATE/HIGH: Jump Class with Ross Lansel – Please see above description.

LOW: Jump/Spin Conditioning with Olga Neizvestnaya – Please see above description.

Important Information:

*11:00am Classes the week of 6/26-6/30 & 7/31-8/4 will be held 10:15-11:00am. No Classes on Tuesday, July 4th.

Classes are held in the Annex located in the west parking lot or the Mezzanine.

Class Schedule is subject to change without notice.  Fee is $13/class ($11 with member card).

All “INTERMEDIATE/HIGH” off-ice classes are reserved for skaters at the Juvenile Freestyle, Intermediate Moves, or Silver Dance levels and above. Skaters who do not meet these qualifications must obtain permission from the Skating Director AND the off-ice instructor to participate.

Questions, comments, concerns? Please contact Shelley Patterson or 703-709-1010 x1105.