Need to work on your jumps and spins or run through your program? SkateQuest offers freestyle sessions almost every day!

Freestyle sessions are reserved for skaters Free Skate 1 and above unless otherwise noted. Sessions are 30 minutes long. Be sure to check the Freestyle schedule frequently for updates.

Skaters utilizing freestyle sessions outside of their lesson time must be able to practice on their own. Parents are strictly prohibited from coaching their children during freestyle sessions.

Cost: $8.75 per session or $7.30 per session with the purchase of a punch pass.


Intense Ice

What is Intense Ice?: The Intense Ice program offers elite figure skaters unlimited ice time during our freestyle sessions. Daily Off Ice Classes (Monday-Friday) with our premiere team of instructors is included. The program allows skaters to maximize their training regimen without breaking the bank.

Is Intense Ice right for me and my skater?: Skaters who utilize at least 10 freestyle sessions or combination of freestyle sessions and off ice classes per week (40+ total per month) will immediately see the value in enrolling in the Intense Ice program. No more checking in at the Front Desk and counting sessions – everything is included!

The Fine Print:

  • The program runs from the 1st of the month through the last day of the month unless otherwise noted.
  • All Freestyle sessions are included.
  • All Reston Skating Academy Off Ice Classes are included.
  • $450 per month.
    • Payment is due the first of each month.
    • $100 sibling discount.
    • Variance in ice time due to holidays, hockey tournaments, rink maintenance, etc. will be taken into account in the monthly fee.
  • Prorating is not available.
  • There are no refunds.


  • Monthly Intense Ice is available from September through the end of the Fairfax County Public School year.
  • Be sure to check the Freestyle and Off-Ice schedules frequently for updates.


Summer Intense Ice – Elite Flat Rate

This program is geared toward competitive figure skaters of all ages looking to maximize their training.
This weekly camp includes unlimited skating time on freestyle sessions Monday through Sunday of each week and on off-ice class per day Monday through Friday. Best for skaters utilizing a combination of freestyle and off-ice sessions totaling 17 or more each week. Supervision is not provided.

Off Ice Conditioning


Off-Ice with Roman Skornyakov

5:40 – 6:42pm

Roman teaches a varying class – examples include Jump Class, Stretch, and Conditioning. Come prepared for anything! 

Required Equipment: Sneakers, jump rope, and water


Ballet and Stretch Class with Sara Petrosian



Grace, strength, agility, musicality – Ballet combines all the skills required of the elite figure skater. The Ballet classes are ideal for the skater looking to perfect their form.

Recommended Equipment: If students have ballet attire (leotard, tights, wrap skirt, ballet shoes), they should wear this. However, students can also wear leggings or spandex shorts and fitted tops. Ballet shoes (canvas or leather) are also recommended.


Jump Class with Olga Neizvestnaya



Improve jump height and rotation in this off ice class. Focus on in air position, take off, and landing technique to improve overall jump ability. Light cardio and conditioning with a concentration on muscles utilized for jumping will be incorporated.


Sport-Conditioning with Margie Weiss



Off Ice conditioning includes functional strength, flexibility and cardio drills that help skaters with their on-ice skills.  Prevention of overuse injuries and identification of liabilities are additional benefits for the “fit” athlete.  Taught by Margie Weiss, who has trained 2 generations of Olympic athletes, this class helps all levels of athletes, all sports.


Off-Ice with Tatyana Malinina


Roman teaches a varying class – examples include Jump Class, Stretch, and Conditioning. Come prepared for anything!

Required Equipment: Sneakers, jump rope, and water

Important Information:

Classes are held in the Annex located in the west parking lot.

Class Schedule is subject to change without notice.  Fee is $13/class ($11 with member card)

Questions, comments, concerns? Please contact 703-709-1010.