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Miranda Allison


Miranda has called SkateQuest her home rink since she began skating at the age of two. During her time on the ice, she skated as a member of the Washington Figure Skating Club and was a South Atlantic Regional medalist. She is a Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field and is trained in Freestyle. Miranda is currently a member of the PSA, WFSC, USFS and Learn to Skate USA. She has been coaching for 7 years and enjoys sharing her love for skating with students. She enjoys working with students of all ages and levels and has worked with students as young as 2 ½ years old.

Kaitlin Clear


Kaitlin has been teaching group lessons and coaching private lessons for 10 years. She grew up in Northern Virginia, training in Reston and Ashburn. She was a USFSA Gold Medalist, competing all the way up through Senior Ladies. After her competitive career, Kaitlin began skating professionally. She toured the U.S. and Canada with Disney on Ice, performing many roles. Prior to that, she was the lead female soloist in Holiday on Ice’s North American Tour of Ice Age on Ice. Kaitlin has also performed in many holiday shows with Rand Productions in the Southeast; in Florida with Rosstyn Ice Show’s Tropics on Ice; and in Canada with Glisse On Ice. She also performed with the Ashburn Ice Theater, competing at Nationals. Kaitlin was the Skater’s Choice Overall Winner of the ProSkaters’ 2014 Virtual Skateoff.

Traci Coleman


Traci is a Professional Skaters Association (PSA) rated coach with a Level VII Ranking having trained skaters from beginners to National, European, International, Junior Grand Prix, Junior Grand Prix Final, Grand Prix, Junior World and World level competition. Sixteen skaters, coached by Traci, have qualified for Nationals and won nine medals and five championships to date. She has coached eight International skaters representing the U.S. and four other countries. Traci has received the prestigious Developmental Coach of the Year Award. She enjoys developing young skaters to their fullest potential. In addition, Traci holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Kansas.

Michelle Daichman


Michelle Gross Daichman has 29 years of skating experience and has been coaching in various capacities throughout her skating career. Michelle is the Skating Director for the Pond Ice Arena in Newark, DE. Champion in the disciplines of synchronized skating, ice dance and showcase. She continues to compete with DC EDGE Synchronized Skating Team and in adult competitions. Additionally, Michelle is a member of the icenetwork production team for national and international competitions. She has a BA from Hofstra University in Journalism.

Jennifer Johnson


USFS Gold Medalist in Ice Dance, continuing to prepare for International dance tests. Professional Coach/Choreographer CER through USFS. USA Hockey member with PSA Hockey I and II Certifications. Graduate of The George Washington University, with experience in elementary education.  Jennifer specializes in Ice Dance, Skating skills, and Power skating for Hockey.

Lana Jones


Coach Lana is a mother of 2 and has been instructing students at Skatequest for 9 years. In her early teens, her love of skating began with artistic roller skating and then transitioned to the ice after being inspired by the beautiful performances of the 1994 Olympics. With over 25 years skating experience, Coach Lana has been trained by the industry's finest and tailors this wisdom to her own students. She has coached hundreds of newcomers toward their personal goals, with a focus toward achievement of ones best, self-confidence, and enjoyment in sport. She is member of the PSA, USFSA AND WFSC through which she continues her certification as well as continues to skate herself. 

Ross Lansel


Ross Lansel started skating at the age of three in British Columbia. He started playing hockey and was then introduced to figure skating at the age of six. As a hockey player he won a provincial title. As a figure skater, Ross was a provincial gold medalist (equivalent to South Atlantics Regional), a national competitor, and a principal Disney on Ice skater. Ross has a passion for coaching and has excelled at it, coaching Olympic, international, and national competitors. He was one of four coaches that started an elite seminar group, Grassroots To Champions (G2C). With G2C, he traveled all over the United States and Canada to conduct seminars. After G2C, Ross created a new seminar series, HOP, with two other coaches. Ross has an excitement for coaching and is looking forward to helping all skaters at every level achieve their goals. Ross specializes in choreography, pole work, and technical aspects of skating.

Tatyana Malinina


She is a 2 time Olympic, 10 time World and many times International competitor. She was a Gold Medalist at the ISU Grand Prix of NHK Trophy, Grand Prix Final and 4 Continents. She has 30 years skating experience and 12 years teaching experience. She is a U.S. Junior National and International level coach. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education. She is available to teach all levels and ages. She is a member of USFS, PSA and ISI.

Marion Monaghan


Born and raised in Canada, she has been a SkateQuest coach for 10 years. A nationally ranked Synchronized skater she teaches ages 2 through adult and specializes in special needs skaters. She holds one National Bronze Medal and two National Silver Medals (Canadian National Synchronized Skating Championships & USA National Synchronized Skating Championships). She is a CFSA Senior silver ice dancer available to teach basic skills, Freestyle, hockey drills, prelim dances/MIF and choreography. She is a USFS Category B Coach and a member of PSA, USFS and Learn to Skate USA. Her focus is to help each student achieve their skating goals by giving them the solid basic skating fundamentals that will assist them in whatever skating discipline they choose.

Olga Neizvestnaya


She is a Russian National Junior Pairs champion, Junior Worlds Bronze Medalist, International competitor, and a member of a Russian National team for six years. She was a principal skater with Disney on Ice, Moscow on Ice, and Russian All Stars. She has 20 years of teaching experience and has worked with National, International, World and Olympic skaters. She specializes in Freestyle, Pairs, and Moves in the Field.

Liudmila Nelidina


Liudmila started skating at the age of three in Moscow, Russia. She participated in many World and International competitions (ISU Grand Prix, Skate America, Cup of Russia 2002, World Figure Skating Championship 2003). Liudmila left her mark on figure skating history when on Skate America 2002 she became the first European women who jumped Triple Axel.
She sees the sport as a tool to teach invaluable life lessons. She concentrates on the importance of details, self awareness, practice, and hard work. She ignites a fire and passion for self perfection in her students guiding them but allowing them to explore their own ways. She is dedicated to developing strong foundations in all aspects of skating (jumps, spins, artistry, moves in the field, flexibility and strength) to shape and mold successful, well rounded, polished skaters.
Liudmila has a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education and Psychology. She has over 12 years of extensive coaching experience. She specializes in building up complicated elements of perfect quality. Her approach is to understand strong and weak sides of students, help them to improve their strong points, overcome their weakness to make easier and faster elements perfection. She is available to teach all levels and ages. She is a member of USFS and PSA.

Megan Noss


Megan’s passion for skating began when she stepped on the ice at age 5! She is a USFSA Gold Medalist in both Freestyle and Moves of the Field.  She is a member of PSA, USFS, and WFSC. Megan was a South Atlantic Regional medalist and an Eastern Sectional Championships competitor. She graduated from George Mason University with a B.S. in Psychology and a Minor in Dance. A coach at SkateQuest for the past ten years, Megan teaches all levels of Freestyle and Moves of the Field, as well as choreography and off-ice training.

Vasiliy Serkov


Vasiliy was a U.S. Nationals,European and World Championships skater, earned title of Latvian National Champion. He has almost two decades of coaching, he is Master rated by Professional Skaters Association. He is a U.S. National and Sectional level coach and specializes in Moves in the Field, Powerskating and Choreography.

Roman Skornyakov


He is a 2 time Olympic, 7 time World, and many times International competitor. He has 13 years teaching experience and has worked with National, International, World and Olympic skaters. He is a U.S. Junior National and Sectional level coach. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education. He is available to teach all ages and levels in Figure Skating and Power Skating.

Chrissy Stauffer-O'Connor


She won a National and International Synchronized Skating title with her Miami University of Ohio Senior Synchronized skating team. She also won a National title with the DC Edge Masters Synchronized skating team. She was ranked 9th as a member of the US Figure Skating World team. Until the current season, she had coached synchronized skating with the Capitol Steps until the 2013-2014 season. They merged with DC Edge for the 2014-2015 season and she coached there for the next 2 seasons. She has taught private lessons in Moves, Dance, Freestyle, and Stroking since 2007. She is a USFS Gold Medalist in Dance, Free Dance, and Moves in the Field. She is a member of the PSA, USFS and LTSUSA.

Tommy Steenberg


Tommy Steenberg is a PSA Double Master Rated Coach in Free Skating and Choreography. He competed internationally for Team USA for 8 years. His competitive accomplishments include: 3x Junior Grand Prix Champion, 10x national competitor (2001-2010), 3x national medallist (intermediate, novice, and junior), 2008 Regional and Sectional Champion, and 2008 Junior World top 10 finisher. He won the 2010 Young Artists Showcase Choreography Competition and subsequently guest choreographed for the Ice Theatre of NY. From 2010-2012, he performed with the George Mason University Dance Company. Tommy has been a faculty member for Audrey Weisiger’s Grassroots to Champions nationwide seminars since 2008. In 2013, he graduated from the GMU Honors College with a B.A. in Dance and B.S. in Accounting and is a CPA. He is a triple gold medalist (Moves/Freestyle ’05, Solo Free Dance ’17), CER Category A compliant, and specializes in jumps, spins, choreography, and footwork. He is available to teach private lessons.

Nataliya Tymoshenko


Nataliya graduated from the Kiev University Of Physical Education and Sport with degree In Figure Skating. After graduating, she was a principal skater in the Ukraine Ballet on ice, Cypress Gardens Ice skating show, Steve Wheeler Production, Willy Bietak Production. She has 10 years of coaching experience. She choreographed programs for national and international skaters. Nataliya specializes in teaching skating skills, Moves in the Field, choreography, spins For all levels. She is a member of PSA and USFSA.

Barbara Walker


Coaching freestyle, moves in the field, dance, and power skating for almost 20 years at all levels and for all ages.  USFS Category B Registered Coach, and a member of PSA, USFS, Learn To Skate USA.  USFS Gold medals in Dance, Free Dance, and Moves-in-the-field, Novice Freestyle, and 6th Figure tests.  Over 18 years of National and International competitive experience in dance and synchronized skating; including being two-time National champion in dance, and I am still competing.

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