Group Lessons

Group lessons are an effective and economical way to learn fundamentals. We offer something for everyone. Children three-years-old to adult—figure or hockey player—we have a class for you.

About Our Program

The Reston Skating Academy is proud to be a registered US Figure Skating Learn to Skate USA program. This exciting program consists of Snowplow Sam, Basic Skills, Figure Skating, and Hockey class curriculums. Upon completion of each level, the skater should be equipped with the necessary knowledge and technique to advance to the next level.


What class do I sign up for?

Beginning skaters ages 3–6 should sign up for Snowplow Sam 1.

Beginning skaters ages 6 1/2 should sign up for Basic 1.

Beginning skaters ages 14+ should sign up for Adult Beginner.

Have some skating experience? Check out the Snowplow Sam, Basic Skills, and Free Skate Curriculum to find the right class for you! Adult Intermediate (Basic 2-3) and Advanced (Basic 4+) Classes are also available!

How do I enroll?

Enrollment can be done in person at the Front Desk, over the phone, or online.

Do not register online if…

  • You are currently enrolled in classes until you have received an evaluation form from your instructor
  • Your class will begin in less than 24 hours
  • You have a coupon
  • You will be missing any classes
  • You have a letter of credit
What if I cannot attend every lesson?

Prorating is available. If you know you are going to miss any classes, we are happy to deduct the cost from your fee. You must, however, submit the dates of absence at the time of registration.

Once your registration has been processed, there are no refunds. Missed classes cannot be made up. No credit will be offered.

Prorating is not available with online registration.

Learn to Skate Practice Pass

All students enrolled in Learn to Skate classes will receive a Practice Pass that can be used to skate for free on any scheduled Learn to Skate Practice Times for an unlimited number of times during the series of lessons. If family or friends of the student would like to join them on the ice, they may do so for a $6 fee. The Learn to Skate Practice Pass can be picked up at the front desk upon check-in. The Practice Pass will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

Practice is critical to enjoy ice skating and get the most out of lessons. Take advantage of the included practice time as often as possible!

Inclement weather policy

Learn to Skate cancellations will be posted on our website 2 hours before classes are scheduled to begin.

SkateQuest does NOT follow Fairfax Count Public Schools’ cancellations or delays.

What to

What should I wear?
  • Warm clothes that allow for movement.
  • Gloves*
  • Helmets are strongly recommended for all beginner skaters and children six-years old and under.* A helmet should be both comfortable and snug. Be sure that it is level on your head. It should not move in any direction. The chin strap should be securely buckled so that the helmet does not move or fall off. Helmets are not available for rental.

*Hockey gloves and helmets with cages are required for all hockey classes.

How to properly tie skates
  1. Loosen the laces so that your foot can slide in easily.
  2. Begin pulling the laces tight, but not so tight that you cannot move your toes.
  3. Pull tightest at your ankle joint (where the eyelets begin).
  4. Crisscross the laces up the eyelets and tighten.
  5. Extra lace should go around the eyelets again, not around the back of the skate.
  6. If possible, double knot the laces.
  7. When you are done, you should be able to deeply ben your knees comfortably.
First day of class
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of your class.
  • If you have signed up over the phone or online, check-in at the front desk to receive your Learn to Skate Practice Pass.
  • Pick up skates from the rental counter if needed and lace them up (see instructions for how to properly tie skates).
  • Find the student’s name on the rosters located by each of the entrances to the ice. There you will find
    • The name of the class
    • The time of the class
    • The instructor’s name
    • The location of the ice of the class you are registered for
  • Skaters enrolled in Snowplow Sam or Basic 1 will meet off the ice first for a safety talk. Listen to announcements to find out where your class will meet.
Last day of class

Students will be tested on the skills they learned during the series of lessons on the last day of class. Based on their evaluation, instructors will make a class recommendation for each student for the next series of lessons.