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Progression Based Off-Ice Program

The Elite Hockey Science Micro Skill Center focuses on teaching the proper biomechanics behind stickhandling, passing, and shooting. We train players through a trademarked program called Sequential Training for Elite Performance (STEP). STEP was created by one of the finest skills coaches in the hockey world, Ron Johnson BSc. MSc. Biomechanics of Hockey. He is the current in-season/off-season skills coach for NHL stars and US Olympians Ryan Kesler and Joe Pavelski. The STEP program is rooted in biomechanics, Hockey analytics, and research.

STEP is probably the most important developmental program for players to learn, especially while they are still young and developing. All of this can be accomplished off-ice. The Reason is Off-ice training produces greater fine motor control, allowing for faster neuromuscular connections in the hands and fingers. Training off-ice is the most valuable and proven way for players to effectively transfer important Micro Skill Elements to an on-ice setting.

Our plan is to cover the first 12 fundamental levels of the STEP program with each player (35 fundamental levels exist). The levels promise to be challenging and to make you think, but they will also clear-up many of the questions you might have regarding why your children or players struggle with specific shooting constructs. The 12 fundamental levels of the STEP program will have your children or players prepared to begin to execute the basic Snap Shot upon completion. It’s important to understand that there are 17 types of Snap Shots, many of which are quite advanced.

Outline of STEP Program

A brief outline of the shooting constructs that STEP will cover with your children or players over the course of the season are provided below:

  • Basic Mechanical Principles of the Wrist Shot, Sweep Shot and Backhand.
  • Basic puck control techniques for loading the shot.
  • 4 Basic Stance positions.
  • Alternative Backhand Techniques such as Backhand Wrist and Backhand Snap.
  • Alternative Stickhandling and Puck Management techniques for loading and      deception.
  • Passing Mechanics
  • Slap Shot Mechanics.
  • Advanced Mechanical Principles of the Wrist Shot, Sweep and Backhand.
  • Advanced Stickhandling and puck control techniques for loading.
  • Forehand and Backhand Dekes.

What We Do Best:


Mechanics: Joint positioning and activation. This will include all Micro Skill Elements inherent to each shooting

Diagnostics: How to pin point the exact cause of shot dysfunction.

Prescription: How to build a developmental plan starting from the primary cause of dysfunction through to final correct execution.

Hours of Operation:

Hours of Operation: Monday- Thursday >> 3pm-9pm location: Skatequest (NHL Rink)

Contact Info:

Lessons by Appointment Only Sessions are 40mins in Duration

E-mail: Shaylun Young