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Stick & Shoot available Saturday, July 9th at 11:40am!
Adult Pick-Up Hockey just added Saturday, July 2nd from 9:00-10:20am!
Public skating sessions now available Monday through Friday from 10:15am to 11:40am.
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Private Lessons

privateLessonsUnlike ballet, dance, or gymnastics, where learning occurs in a group lesson format most of the time, figure skating starts with group lessons to get your child going and then, is mastered through private lessons. So, if your child is interested in mastering figure skating, your next step is to select a private lesson coach.

Who your child takes private lessons from should not be decided in haste. Your private lesson instructor will be more than just a teacher: he or she will be your child’s mentor, guide, and role model. Please check Our Coaches to find the right coach for you.