Off-Ice Classes

Reston Skating Academy

Off-Ice Classes

September 6th-December 16th, 2016


Plyometric Pilates with Dori Markakos



Plyrometric Pliates blends traditional  Pilates, ballet and barre workouts while adding a challenging athletic component of strength, speed and power.  The class will be choreographed each week with a specific focus on these core foundations to help train the athletes.  The underlying principles of Pilates will be orchestrated throughout the class as to emphasize the training of the muscles from the inside-out and to increase their strength, core control, flexibility, stamina, and body awareness in a fun yet challenging environment.

Workout clothes and sneakers required.


Conditioning with Megan Noss



Megan’s off-ice class offers a variety of exercises and drills to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular endurance of skaters both on and off the ice while helping to prevent injury.  Her classes include rhythmic plyometric jumping and off-ice rotations.  This class is also focused on core strengthening using balance and medicine balls, and incorporating Pilates based exercises.  This off-ice raining can enhance skating skills and help skaters handle the strength exercises.  This off-ice training can enhance skating skills and help skaters handle the strength demands of jumping, spinning, and doing longer programs.



Ballet with Marianna Rozanova



Grace, strength, agility, musicality-Ballet combines all the skills required of the elite figure skater.  The Ballet classes are ideal for the skater looking to perfect their form.



Sport-Conditioning with Margie Weiss



Off Ice conditioning includes functional strength, flexibility and cardio drills that help skaters with their on-ice skills.  Prevention of overuse injuries and identification of liabilities are additional benefits for the “fit” athlete.  Taught by Margie Weiss, who has trained 2 generations of Olympic athletes, this class helps all levels of athletes, all sports.



Off-Ice with Roman Skornyakov



Roman teaches a varying class- examples include Jump Class, Stretch, and Conditioning.  Come prepared for anything! Sneakers, jump rope, and water required.


Important Information:

Classes are held in the Annex located in the west parking lot.

Class Schedule is subject to change without notice.  Fee is $13/class ($11 with member card)

Questions, comments, concerns? Please contact Shelley McArthur or 703-709-1010 x1105.