Learn to Skate lessons were cancelled March 3rd due to the inclement weather. Lessons will be extended until May 5.
The Pro Shop Bazaar is on Saturday, April 26th from 8am to 5pm! Clearance items up to 50% off, the entire store at least 10% off!
The NHL rink is being renamed the Intelligent Decisions rink after our sponsor!
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Intense Ice


Reston Skating Academy

Intense Ice

January – June 2014

The Intense Ice program allows elite skaters unlimited monthly ice time during our freestyle sessions. The program allows skaters to get the most out of their training regimen including a variety of off ice classes with SkateQuest’s premiere team of instructors. 

At $430 per month, skaters who participate in at least 40 freestyle sessions or combination of freestyle sessions and off ice classes will immediately see the value in enrolling in the Intense Ice program. That’s just 10 sessions per week!

Payment details:

·        $430 per month (may vary)

o   Payment is due by the FIRST of each month

o   A credit card number on file is required. If a skater has been utilizing freestyle ice without submitting per session payment, the credit card will be automatically charged on the 7th of the month unless prior arrangements have been made with the Skating Director.

o   If no credit card number is on file, the skater will not be allowed on the ice until full payment is made.

·        $100 discount is applicable to sibling enrollment

·        Prorating is not available

·        There are no refunds for missed skating

o   Medical injuries and illnesses of more than 10 days will be the only exceptions – doctor’s note required. 


·        Monthly program runs from September through the end of the Fairfax County Public School year

·        Loss of ice time due to holidays, tournaments, etc are taken into account in the monthly fee